Monday, December 20, 2010

"The Social Network"

Yes, I am a member of "Facebook", I joined over a year ago when I was feeling lonely and bored. Mostly I joined because my children were always telling of the fun things that they posted to each other. I also found out that if my children would allow me to be their friends I could find out what was going on in their lives, because after age 10, they stop communicating with you. I was lucky if occasionally I got a audible grunt and eye roll. I have a few "Facebook" friends, mostly family members and old high school friends, I rarely turn someone down for "friending!" but I can honestly say that I have only looked at two or three profiles, which are my children. That can also be a mistake, I don't want to know everything, just bits and pieces. Obviously, I am not a "Facebook addict".

Last week, I got my own personal email from "Facebook", stating they had missed me, that I had not been on for over 30 days, that I had several notices, events that I had missed and wannabe friends waiting for my response. You have got to be kidding me. Like Facebook really cares.

It is December, ( you know, that surreal month) I work full time, have a large family, with wonderful grandchildren, have "real" friends that I make "real" visits to. In the last 30 days I have worked full time, organized Christmas parties, shopped for what feels like 100's of people and spent 100's of dollars (God bless the economy). I have traveled to the airport transporting and picking up family members and "real" friends, and could drive around the world with frequent driver miles if they were available. I have prepared and shopped for enough food to keep the State of Delaware food pantry full for the Christmas season. I have smiled kindly at store clerks who spend 10 minutes talking to their coworkers about the plastic sacks sticking together, while I kindly wait in line juggling 25 pounds of presents. I have gone through 6 large rolls of wrapping paper, three rolls of tape, a pair of scissors and if there were a partridge in my pear tree, I would shoot him, stuff him and put him on the Christmas tree! I have been to "Ugly" sweater parties and recognized over 10 sweaters I wore in high school. I have scraped car windows in 7 degree weather and as of yet have not been able to get my butt warm.

Surely, I could have found some time to "attend to" my Facebook. Obviously Facebook has enough time to worry about me, after 30 days, they contacted me, I live with my husband and I am not really sure if in the last 30 days I have said more than "it's garbage day" and have heard more than "Do you know where my wallet is?"

What I really want to know is: Who the Hell has time for Facebook. Please, let me know what woman/mother/wife/friend really has time to spend on Facebook. If you need me or want me to go some where or do something, pick up the phone, stop by the house, let me see you and hear you and communicate with you. Stop sending me "Messages" and "texts" with the little :)things. It is Christmas, give me a hug, a smile, a laugh, a dollar.

For Hell Sakes get a grip, it is a network, it is not social!